Saturday, October 8, 2011

Recent mail...

I know that those of you likely to read this blog are lovers of receiving letters and things in the mail! I received some pretty amazing goodies this week and just wanted to share a glimpse with you! My pen friends are the best in the whole world. We know what each other likes and so I am always blessed to receive gorgeous goodies and I am blessed enough to be able to return the favor as well! The first big surprise was a package full of paper goodies from my friend Christelle in France!

Aren't they gorgeous?? I am the luckiest and most blessed girl in the world!
Thank you, Christelle for such an amazingly beautiful gift! Bisous-Bisous!
Christelle had told me of this package being sent my way and we thought it had gotten lost in transit since it arrived about a month and a half after expected but at length here it was in my hands and a happier recipient there could not have been in all the world at that moment! They are an incredibly gorgeous array of flat cards, papers, folded note cards and little note papers. I love them all!

On the left: printed magnets from Christelle
On the right: the note accompanying the papers
and my new phone. 
I just love the magnets my friend sent me and am already thinking up how to create a station near where I have my letters to add a magnetic board where I can place these lovelies and remain more organized. Yesterday I also received a nice letter and little package from my pen pal Maria Laura whose blog is a total inspiration too! Just check out this little pen pal book she made for me:

Maria Laura is so creative!
You all MUST check her blog out! You can see more of how she made this sort of little book by clicking here. She's got such gorgeous crafts pertaining to letter writing and paper on that site, you'll want to sit there a while with some tea, coffee, or cocoa! It's great to have friends who are as creatively minded as we are, isn't it?? Thanks to Maria Laura and to Christelle for the precious gifts! I look forward to sending you ladies some great little finds myself! 

Love and laughter,

Nadia Marie