Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little pen pals...

Today I got the sweetest little letter in the mail from my niece whom I am going to see in a week and a half. I love when little kids start to write letters!

What are some special memories you have from your first letter?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hello again!

Hello my dears! Sorry for the LONG hiatus! Life got kind of busy and hectic there for a bit. I owe ever so many letters and am trying to get back on track with it all. I recently purchased a few things from this little shop called Inspire Lovely which is owned by blogger extraordinaire Debee Ruiz and I wanted to share the postcards I got from her shop that I will hopefully be sending to some of my very lucky pen pals!

Set number one: Some lovely butterfly postcards.
I love the detail in each postcard and can't wait to send my first one out! Debee has an eye for style that is impeccable! Here's the next set which I think is my favorite:

Set number two: an eclectic mix.
I simply adore all the little details in these cards! They truly inspire me to better style my own photos of objects and continue in the same glorious tradition. Who knows, right? 

Which ones are your favorites? I'd like to know!

Until next time!

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