Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little pen pals...

Today I got the sweetest little letter in the mail from my niece whom I am going to see in a week and a half. I love when little kids start to write letters!

What are some special memories you have from your first letter?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hello again!

Hello my dears! Sorry for the LONG hiatus! Life got kind of busy and hectic there for a bit. I owe ever so many letters and am trying to get back on track with it all. I recently purchased a few things from this little shop called Inspire Lovely which is owned by blogger extraordinaire Debee Ruiz and I wanted to share the postcards I got from her shop that I will hopefully be sending to some of my very lucky pen pals!

Set number one: Some lovely butterfly postcards.
I love the detail in each postcard and can't wait to send my first one out! Debee has an eye for style that is impeccable! Here's the next set which I think is my favorite:

Set number two: an eclectic mix.
I simply adore all the little details in these cards! They truly inspire me to better style my own photos of objects and continue in the same glorious tradition. Who knows, right? 

Which ones are your favorites? I'd like to know!

Until next time!

Check out what other lovelies I acquired.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

If you are like me...

If you're anything like me you probably have certain movies that you often watch as you write letters or craft. I say watch in italics because these are usually films you know by heart and do not actually have to watch, per say but rather listen to and occasionally take a glance at as you go about the business of writing or creating. I find that watching a familiar film while crafting enhances my creativity just as with listening to particular music. My creations will be fairly modern if I am watching a modern romantic comedy and slightly more vintage if I am watching a period film.

Here is my top ten list of favorite movies to craft/write letters to:

#1: Pride & Prejudice, this version originally from the BBC
is by far the best one I've seen and a favorite to craft to. 
#2: Little Women, the 1994 version is one that I know by
heart and frequently revisit when writing letters or working
on a craft project. It is a classic that warms every girl's heart.
#3: Ever After, power house Cinderella story which shows
us that we can be beautiful and intelligent without apologizing
for it! Creative and witty for amazing inspiration.
#4: Sense and Sensibility-- Jane Austen's tales brought to
life in film are always a great source of inspiration to me.
#5: Emma, another beautifully done adaptation of Jane Austen's
novel, my favorite thus far. I watched it so many times when it
came out that I memorized it rather quickly. 
#6: Notting Hill makes me want to go to the market to find
crafting materials that are out of the ordinary. It is chic and
elegant and inspires much!
#7: 13 Going on 30, if for nothing else but to hear those
great tunes from the 1980s and to get some really great
color inspiration for creative letter writing! 
#8: Heidi, who isn't inspired by Shirley Temple? I like this
one for when I want to get in touch with my inner child.
#9: Sleepless in Seattle, is one I can watch while crafting
and remember the sites I've seen in both Seattle and
New York. Great music in this one too!
#10: Kate & Leopold, romantic and witty, with a hint of sarcasm.
Perfect for crafting or writing with a cup of cocoa and some
cream filled cookies! ☺

Which would you include in your list of films you craft/write to? There are many more which I have often used for the same thing but these are my top 10. Look forward to hearing what your favorites are.


Nadia Marie