Tuesday, January 3, 2012

If you are like me...

If you're anything like me you probably have certain movies that you often watch as you write letters or craft. I say watch in italics because these are usually films you know by heart and do not actually have to watch, per say but rather listen to and occasionally take a glance at as you go about the business of writing or creating. I find that watching a familiar film while crafting enhances my creativity just as with listening to particular music. My creations will be fairly modern if I am watching a modern romantic comedy and slightly more vintage if I am watching a period film.

Here is my top ten list of favorite movies to craft/write letters to:

#1: Pride & Prejudice, this version originally from the BBC
is by far the best one I've seen and a favorite to craft to. 
#2: Little Women, the 1994 version is one that I know by
heart and frequently revisit when writing letters or working
on a craft project. It is a classic that warms every girl's heart.
#3: Ever After, power house Cinderella story which shows
us that we can be beautiful and intelligent without apologizing
for it! Creative and witty for amazing inspiration.
#4: Sense and Sensibility-- Jane Austen's tales brought to
life in film are always a great source of inspiration to me.
#5: Emma, another beautifully done adaptation of Jane Austen's
novel, my favorite thus far. I watched it so many times when it
came out that I memorized it rather quickly. 
#6: Notting Hill makes me want to go to the market to find
crafting materials that are out of the ordinary. It is chic and
elegant and inspires much!
#7: 13 Going on 30, if for nothing else but to hear those
great tunes from the 1980s and to get some really great
color inspiration for creative letter writing! 
#8: Heidi, who isn't inspired by Shirley Temple? I like this
one for when I want to get in touch with my inner child.
#9: Sleepless in Seattle, is one I can watch while crafting
and remember the sites I've seen in both Seattle and
New York. Great music in this one too!
#10: Kate & Leopold, romantic and witty, with a hint of sarcasm.
Perfect for crafting or writing with a cup of cocoa and some
cream filled cookies! ☺

Which would you include in your list of films you craft/write to? There are many more which I have often used for the same thing but these are my top 10. Look forward to hearing what your favorites are.


Nadia Marie


  1. Funny! I watch almost the SAME movies while writting. Sometimes I listen to music too but movies and miniseries (like Pride & Prejudice) inspire me!