Monday, April 13, 2015

Recently outgoing & incoming post...

I was a bit busy this past weekend but I did manage to write quite a few letters last week and photographed a few of the lovely letters and bits I posted out to friends. Since most have been received I'll post the photos for you all to see.

Above is some Jane Austen themed mail I sent a pal in Georgia who's as much a fan as I am. Aside from my letter I sent her some stationery items I made & printed as well as my favourite Dorset teas for her to enjoy. I made her some regency themed sticker flakes, printed some Austen heroines images I found on Pinterest onto blank postcards, and made some letter papers with images of screenshots and Jane Austen portraits for her to use.

I packaged and parcelled it all up using bits I had on hand. Don't they look fab? Who is your favourite Austen heroine? Mine is undoubtedly Lizzy Bennet but I also love the sisters in Sense & Sensibility!

I also sent out a Birds & Butterfly themed letter to a pal in the UK following my alphabet themed letters with the letter 'B'. Here's a photo:

Peacock paper, Inspire Lovely Postcards and some funky bird stickers from Hallmark were all sent off to Essex!

Also, last week in a pen pal group I belong to we had a new pal event and these are just some of the things I sent last week to new pals...

The one above was for a pal who likes cats! :)

For the one above I thought to send a mini mail art kit. I sent two more letters out but sadly did not photograph the contents.

I also received some lovely goodies from my husband last week for Easter and a nice little surprise of goodies from a pal in Germany. Also a lovely letter folder from a pal in Wales and a beautiful card from a friend in North Carolina.

Above are the lovely bits from my hubby and below the other mail I received...

Am I not very spoilt by my friends and family? :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Incoming & Outgoing Mail Yesterday and Today

I count myself as one very fortunate girl as I'm very often spoiled by my lovely pals but this pal, she takes the cake! Not only did she send me ALL the goodies you see above included with the letter but the letter itself was a beautiful and heartfelt testament to our friendship and I can only say I feel very honoured and blessed. 

This was a very welcome bit of happy mail which I received! I look forward to putting together my reply and equally fun happy mail for her and sharing it here with you all after she's received it! :) Aren't all those stamps lovely? I can't wait to start using them! 

Yesterday I wrote to another pal in the UK as well (the one I received the above goodies from is in England) only she's in Wales. I have been wanting for a long time to do some themed letters and I've started using the alphabet as my theme so yesterday's letter was 'A is for apple'. Here's what I posted today:

Above you can see that I printed some apple themed illustrations as well as some illustrated apple cake recipes, I then printed some apple illustrations in sticker form and wrote the first page on a Susan Branch apple themed letter paper which seemed to suit the theme quite nicely! I hope she likes it all and I'm looking forward to hearing from her what she thinks! 

Today I received a letter from a pal in the Netherlands and I love the envelope she used! Kissy lips are a personal fave of mine! Have a look:

How was your mail day today? I'd love to know! :)