Monday, April 13, 2015

Recently outgoing & incoming post...

I was a bit busy this past weekend but I did manage to write quite a few letters last week and photographed a few of the lovely letters and bits I posted out to friends. Since most have been received I'll post the photos for you all to see.

Above is some Jane Austen themed mail I sent a pal in Georgia who's as much a fan as I am. Aside from my letter I sent her some stationery items I made & printed as well as my favourite Dorset teas for her to enjoy. I made her some regency themed sticker flakes, printed some Austen heroines images I found on Pinterest onto blank postcards, and made some letter papers with images of screenshots and Jane Austen portraits for her to use.

I packaged and parcelled it all up using bits I had on hand. Don't they look fab? Who is your favourite Austen heroine? Mine is undoubtedly Lizzy Bennet but I also love the sisters in Sense & Sensibility!

I also sent out a Birds & Butterfly themed letter to a pal in the UK following my alphabet themed letters with the letter 'B'. Here's a photo:

Peacock paper, Inspire Lovely Postcards and some funky bird stickers from Hallmark were all sent off to Essex!

Also, last week in a pen pal group I belong to we had a new pal event and these are just some of the things I sent last week to new pals...

The one above was for a pal who likes cats! :)

For the one above I thought to send a mini mail art kit. I sent two more letters out but sadly did not photograph the contents.

I also received some lovely goodies from my husband last week for Easter and a nice little surprise of goodies from a pal in Germany. Also a lovely letter folder from a pal in Wales and a beautiful card from a friend in North Carolina.

Above are the lovely bits from my hubby and below the other mail I received...

Am I not very spoilt by my friends and family? :)

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