Monday, July 20, 2015


If you're anything like me you will always be in search of a great stationery bargain. I try to find these gems literally everywhere I go. Whether at a craft shop or a supermarket I often have my feelers out for whatever I can find that can be used as letter paper or embellishments for my letters or even just as gifts for pals. I thought I would do a little shop showcase of what's available in several places where I am currently residing, right here in the United States. Later on, when I am back in the UK I will do a showcase of inexpensive finds in that country.

I live in a rather prime place for finding lovely bits here in Florida. Aside from having a Walmart within walking distance (seriously, Walmart is probably where I get about 50% of my crafting/snail mailing supplies and quite a bit of that comes from the clearance racks at the back of the store), I also have a Hobby Lobby across the street, a Bealls Outlet (local Florida chain--lots of great goodies though) also across the street, farther down the main drag there is Tuesday Morning, Big Lots and farther still Marshall's & Dollar Tree. Those are the ones I frequent the most and generally find loads of great goodies to use in letter writing, though I also find some lovely things at Target and TJ Maxx (same company as Marshall's and TK Maxx in Europe). I particularly love Target's Dollar Spot bins and last week found some really great items which I will share with you now.

Purchases from Target and TJ Maxx: Fabric tapes, page flags, 'hooray' note cards and dotted memo pad were all from the Dollar Spot at Target (each priced at $1). The 'hello' card set, woodland shopping list pad, Create Your Own Happiness notebook, and Adventure Awaits notepad were all from TJ Maxx and all under $6. Real bargains right there!
Here's a close-up of the fabric tapes in cool summer patterns.
All of these cost a dollar each! You really can't go wrong with that. 
Of course, I found a lot more than that at Target and TJ Maxx but those were the stationery related items I purchased last week that I was ecstatic about. Where else do you get your supplies from? What sort of supplies do you use in snail mailing that are not typically thought of as snail mail supplies? I hope to answer these myself soon and have a few projects up my sleeve to share with you as well!

I leave you with some fab posts from around the web! Tootles!

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  1. Such great sources! Believe it or not I also find nice things at thrift shops and estate sales. :)

    1. Laura, I love when you can find stuff at thrift shops and estate sales. Here in England where I currently am you can find lots of great stuff in the charity shops and junk shops. I hope to be showing more of those types of things soon!