Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Organization is key...

I have several pen pals with whom I am often in contact and have started collecting several letters from each. For this reason I devised a creative way of organizing my letters, and pretty at that too! Envelopes can be bulky and also I often cut out the stamps and whatever decorations my pals have added to them so I end up with a rather strange looking bunch of paper. I recycle whatever I can and discard the rest of the envelopes. This allows for my letters received to sit cradled well in my letter carrier. 

my little desk where all my creations take shape...
Above you can see my desk covered in stamps and decorations I was collecting from my envelopes, a few notes and letters which I was working on organizing, tools and ribbon in my jar (I need to get a couple more jars because that one is jam packed). My desk is probably my favorite place in the world to write and craft at. I paint there, write letters, draw, do pretty much everything at my desk--including writing this and my other blogs.

Organizing and Gathering:
1. My letter carrier is organized as such:
European pen pals in the first slot, followed
by pen pals in the Americas in the second slot
and the rest of the world in the last slot.

2. Detailed shot of the second slot with my
friend Maria Laura in front.

3. Ephemera I've collected from my envelopes.

4. Stamps I've gathered and my hole puncher. 
I love the way the ribbon looks bundling the letters and holds the little name tags I made for each bundle. It is simple and easy to do, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. I simply used enough ribbon to loop around each bundle three times before tying it off, giving it room to increase capacity when I need more space to add letters. My ephemera and stamps I placed in decorative soap boxes that the soap my family buys at Tuesday Morning come in. I love those French and Italian soaps! The boxes are so beautiful! I have lots of them filled with crafting supplies and little gifts that have been sent to me by my pen pals.

A bundle and letters waiting to be bundled...
Such a joy it is to send and receive letters! Yesterday I received a letter from Ida in England in a very cute Mini Mouse envelope. No mail today but I have TONS of letters to write back to! So, that being said, until tomorrow and happy posting!

Lots of love,

Nadia Marie


  1. Me encanta, que buena idea, y se ve hermoso. Yo tengo todas las cartas y sobres en una carpeta, de esas que tienen bolsillos, pero ya se me esta haciendo muy 'gorda', asique tendre que idear algo nuevo..todo lo que me van enviando, hojitas, stickers, supplies, todo eso lo voy guardando en cajas, pero creo que me conviene deshacerme de los sobres y dejar solo las cartas, que asi con ribbons quedan tan lindas :D Abrazos amiguita, si viveramos cerca nos iriamos de paseo a buscar 'papeles' jaja

  2. Jajaja! Si, amiga! Lastima que no estamos mas cerca la una de la otra. Ahi te tengo una tarjetita que te enviare hoy. Siempre que veo papeles y demas pienso en especial en ti y hoy ire con mi mama a una tienda de papeles que queda cerca de aca asi que les contare que he visto ahi. Abrazos!