Monday, December 12, 2011

Haul out the holly...Christmas is near!

It's that time of year again and I've already received some beautiful cards and lovely little trinkets from pen pals (which means I need to get on the ball with the cards I am to send)! I just adore seeing what each person comes up with and was so excited to arrive home from work yesterday afternoon to see that I had received two gorgeous packages full of awesome paper goodies!

First let me show you what my friend Maria Laura sent me that made me all giddy inside! She and I both have such a love for paper crafts and items that we are always sending each other little finds...

My dear friend Christelle from France sent me this delicious eye-candy smorgasbord of paper goods, postcards, magnets, teas, and trinkets as a wonderful surprise too! Just look at the wonderful little things she sent me:
A package of delights: Parisian postcards, quote cards, samples, a lovely necklace
with two charms, lots of paper ephemera, personalised magnets, and teas! Thanks
to Christelle for such a beautiful surprise present!
I really do have some of the best pen pals in the world! I have received 5 beautiful Christmas cards so far as well! I would love to share with you some snap shots of these cards so you can see the diverse paperie that exists in this world...

Clockwise from left: Happy Holidays card from Maria Laura (US), Christmas Wishes
card from Andy (UK), Santa Claus card from Jenny (US) and Feliz Navidad card from Fany (Spain).
The last card is from my newest pen pal in Argentina, Caty and shows how diverse Christmas greetings can be from country to country. 

We've displayed them in the china cabinet along with all the other decorations for Christmas which I will also share with you here:

Well, I am sure I will have more to show you all in the very near future! Happy preparing for the holidays! May it be joyous and merry!

Kind Regards,

Nadia Marie


  1. Hola Guapa, te mande un correo electronico (: Besos!

  2. Que buena idea colocar las tarjetas alli dentro del mueble!! Quedan muy bonitas. Te estoy preparando una sorpresita, a ver si la termino pronto para que la recibas al menos de regalo de Reyes ajaja..bueno, aqui no existen los Reyes :/ pero haremos de cuenta que si jaja.Que comiences muy bien el 2012 mi amiga! Yo feliz de haberte conocido! Abrazos.

  3. Gracias amiga! Estare esperando tu sorpresita! Mi mama siempre nos regalaba en Navidad y en Reyes tambien, jejeje! Yo tambien estoy contenta de haberte conocido y te envio abrazos!