Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's been too long....lovely post I've received in the last two weeks... has been a long time since I last posted in this blog and so much has happened! I have a new blog, a new home and a new marital status! *SMILE* I have great pen pals and really want to make an effort to keep this blog as well as my new one, Walks in Beauty, up to date. I also started lots of new work, including my own stationery line an shop! It's all a work in progress but there will be more on that later! 

Today I want to present you all with my latest post received. I've received so many beautiful letters and goodies from old and new pals these past couple of weeks! I am presenting these in no particular order as some came on the same day together so here goes!

First up is a letter from a new pal in Belgium. She sent me a lovely letter full of goodies--a postcard from her home town, some washi tape samples, two bits of pretty scrapbooking paper and the envelope was covered in gorgeous tape! Thank you, Silke! xx
Next is a cute letter from my pal Nikki in Hull, UK. She sent me lots of lovely stickers and this cute little handmade friendship bracelet in some of my favorite colours! Such a nice treat to be welcomed with!
A lovely letter from my pal Mary in Worcester... ☺

A letter and card from another fab pal, Caroline, whom also sells great stationery! ☺ 
A beautiful letter from my pal in Norway...

Lovely letter and goodies from Amy in Australia! ♥ She sent me the cutest book mark, some lovely sticky notes, owl stichers and the fab ATC you see there. Below is a pic of the fab stamp she used to post the letter! 
The beautiful stamp of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with little baby George! 

Another fab letter and goodies from my pal Andrea in Wales! ♥ She sent a nice postcard from Chester, another fab book mark and a cute Welsh themed pen! xx
Hands down the most beautiful envelope I have seen to date sent to me from my pal in Scotland, Leeanne! My French press looks cute in this pic too! 

The contents of that envelope...a great letter and some envelopes as a little gift! xx

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