Monday, March 30, 2015

My First Pocket Letter

Hello again friends!

It's been a long while since my last post (again) but I hope that now that I've installed a blogger app on my phone I'll be posting more frequently! 

Today I had a pretty fab mail day here in Florida if I do say do myself! I may not have received a ton of letters but I did receive my very first pocket letter from my pen pal Maria Laura. I'd been seeing these on Pinterest for a while now so was curious to see her take on these. She did not disappoint! ☺️ She's one of the most creative pals I have so I was thrilled to pieces to see her envelope in my box when I opened it!

Let me just show you some of the details of this new creative form of letter writing/presenting:

Above is a photo of the entire page of pockets with sections.

Now for done details...

I love the colour scheme she chose for this letter! It's very Spring/Summer themed. 

Lots of goodies were included; stickers, decorative tabs, clips, labels and more!

Love these fab sticky notes!

The letter was tucked away here, cute right? ☺️ 

I'm off to enjoy this letter and hopefully make one of my own soon! 

Happy Snailmailing!

Nadia xo

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