Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween and some outgoing mail! :)

It's a very brisk day on this All Hallow's Eve and I took a short walk to look for the only post box nearby, down the street a ways, in order to post a few letters I had ready to go out to Belgium, England, The Netherlands and Wales! I was finally able to get stamps the other day (wreath ones for the international mail, flowers for within the US) so that I could post the letters I had all ready and waiting.

Autumn hit its peak here in the State of NY (I'm visiting and will write more about why I am back in the US in another post) the week of the 18th October and now the trees are starting to look barren. Only a few have leaves left but soon enough they too will have none and only the evergreens will look green and full. I took a few photos as I went back and forth between the house and the post box.

You can see the remaining leaves on the one tree in the lower right corner of the collage of photos, the walk to the post box seemed infinite but it is really only about a 10 minute walk back and forth. The autumn leaves and berries are breath-taking though!

Like I said earlier, I posted four fab letters, two of which were to brand new penpals and I have learned from my husband back home in England that I received a letter from Norway and had received a few postcards about a week and a half ago as well! Have you all received many letters lately? Here's a photo I took right before putting my outgoing mail in the box...

I'm looking forward to writing more posts in the next few days! Happy snail mailing all! 

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