Saturday, November 1, 2014

Weekend Musings: UK British Post Pillar Box Photos

So, most of my friends, twitter followers and instagram followers know how obsessed I am with the different post boxes to be found in the UK. While I was there for about 6 months visiting my husband I took photos of many in different places and I shall share them with you here! I'd love to see what post boxes look like in different places so send me a link to a photo you've taken or send me the photo to feature in this blog! I'm planning some exciting things for this blog in the future, hoping to get some more snail mailers to guest post on here and feature mail artists from around the world!

For now, enjoy these photos of post boxes in the UK!

I found this post pillar box while walking to my husband's job in Bridport on St. Andrews Road.

This is the rather large one outside the post office in the Bridport town centre. I frequented this one a lot!
This box is near the famous Cobb of Lyme Regis.

My husband and I discovered this wall box on the side of a building somewhere just outside of Axminster in Devon.

Another non-pillar box post box nestled in an inviting corner just outside of Bridport on the road to Eype. The trees, bench and phone box make this setting so interesting. 

This wall box is in the area of Bothenhampton, between Bridport and West Bay in Dorset. My husband and I discovered this one while walking back home from our friends' house one evening.

This one is just down the road from where we live, off of North Allington on St. Swithuns Avenue.

This one is probably my favourite wall box so far, situated in Eype on the way down to the beach. I hope to get to visit this village again soon! It is so cute and picturesque!

This photo and the next two are of a box in Dorchester. This is an Edward VII Penfold PB8 box and remains in use today. It has beautiful details on the top and is hexagonal in shape.

Details of the Penfold PB8 on top.

From the other side of the box.

Last but not least, this box is the last one I photographed on my last full day in the UK. This was taken in Cardiff, Wales. I flew to NY from here via Dublin and it was my last full day with my hubby until Christmas. Hopefully, next year after March, this will no longer be an issue. Until then. he'll be my top pen pal. 

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