Friday, May 27, 2016

A Peek Inside The Writing Room in Lyme Regis...

About two Sundays ago the hubby and I went to Lyme Regis to explore some of the areas we rarely go to when we are there. While wandering around Bridge Street we encountered a place just next to Aroma Cafe called The Writing Room. This is a stationery lover's dream come true. Think classic style stationery, hand made cards, beautiful hand carved stamps and treasures not found in your typical stationery shop. According to an article in Counry Calling, The Writing Room is rumored to be situated in a room Jane Austen once dined in.

I was immediately taken with everything inside. The room itself looks like the perfect place to just set up a desk and write while you people watch from the windows which face Bridge Street. If you don't believe me just see for yourself:

I pretty much wanted everything in sight! The hand bound notebooks were gorgeous, the displays using luggage tags looked just perfect.

I loved the idea of having buckets hanging holding pens and pencils. May have to try this in my own creative space. *wink*

And these nice big colour coded jars of sweets were making my mouth water. Everyone knows that writing and creating just go better with sweets!

The mechanical pencils above looked so perfect I just had to have one for myself! I chose a pink one. Which colour would you have chosen?

I chose a few things for myself from the shop, just to whet my appetite and yours of course! A few binder clips to continue my obsession, the pink mechanical pencil I mentioned above, a nice tiny versa color green ink pad to go with my new ammonite stamp (very appropriate for a person who lives in the Jurassic Coast area like me), a fabulous big roll of numbers packing tape, some cool vintage style ticket Japanese stickers and a candy baggy.

This bag had a lovely mixture of boiled sweets and caramels, a throw back to retro sweets in candy shops. Hope you've enjoyed your glimpse into The Writing Room! Do please comment and tell me if you have been and what you think of it!


Nadia xx

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