Friday, May 13, 2016

Newest Washi Tapes Acquired from Unwrap Colour

If you live in the UK like me and want some great quality washi tape at great prices you really can't go wrong with Unwrap Colour. Based in Leeds, Rose has a large amount of tapes regularly on offer both in her Etsy shop and her web shop. I absolutely love the tapes I bought from her this time around, including the brand new manga tape. I am not usually a fan of manga anything but this was pink and quirky and it really appealed to me!

I love how Rose packages her goodies in these fab little bags! They are to die for! :)

Seriously in love with these foiled tapes and how awesome they look on basically anything!

I think that I had previously mentioned my obsession with all things foiled lately too so it goes without saying that I bought these fabulous copper foiled tapes to use! I also love the Galaxy and Fly Me to the Moon tapes and the light blue seagull tape I bought. I am in washi heaven! Now if only my MT order from Singapore would get here! 

Even while they were still wrapped they looked fab!

Which ones would you have purchased? I am curious to know! :D


Nadia xo

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