Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mouse Mail: Incoming from my twinsie Bekah, aka Miss Mouse Middleton

I believe that we all have more than one soul mate in life and that these soul mates can come in the shape of a close friend, a relative and even your other half. I find myself lucky enough to at least have two soul mates, my own other half Alan and my twin from another mother & father, Bekah. I swear, we share a brain! It is uncanny how much alike we are and when she was here visiting from Canada the amount of times we said "me too!" to one another was beginning to sound redundant! Hehehehe! So, of course, it makes perfect sense to assume that we both are very creative people and have quite similar tastes in things. Bekah is "Mouse" and that is why I am calling this entry Mouse Mail. 

I received this letter over the weekend and boy was I surprised! I had no idea she'd written to me so soon after having spent basically a month in each other's company but I was super excited about it anyway! As soon as I saw the envelope I was certain I'd love all the contents and boy was I right! I just have to show you how creative Bekah truly is:

Will you just look at the amount of gorgeousness that is this black/kraft/white/purple amazing letter and goodies!!! Right down to the Anne of Green Gables line art and the washi samples cleverly placed on a little tag with an Eiffel Tower sticker on it (because we are both obsessed with Paris). I love it all! Plus the quote card for my inspiration wall is just a lovely touch. 

The letter is contained in the beautifully embellished card above and everything is just perfectly and cleverly colour coordinated! Isn't it all beautiful?

I am in love with all the little bits Bekah sent and am already imagining what to do with them. I think I am going to start a pen pal scrapbook for just the things that Bekah has sent me or remind me of her and will add pics from our trips together here and there. 

I love, love, love the stickers and definitely want to use them to add to a scrapbook of our travels! They are just perfect for that! What do you do with all the things your pals send you? Do you tend to hoard them like I do or do you actually use them to send to other folk? 

I am very much looking forward to replying to Bekah soon and will do a few new posts on the things I am sending soon! 

Have a lovely day all!

Happy Snail Mailing!

Nadia xo


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    1. Thank you Tracy! It really is lovely to have great pen pals, isn't it? :)