Saturday, May 28, 2016

#LuckyDipClub #Unboxing!

We all love great happy mail, right? Who can resist a brightly coloured envelope or parcel getting pushed through the mail slot or deposited into a mail box with their name on it? For about a year and a half now, aside from the rest of the fabulous pen pal mail I receive, I have been receiving a subscription box called the Lucky Dip Club box. Lucky Dip Club is the brainchild of Leona Thrift-Ola and has evolved over time to include some of the best curated paper, fashion and other accessory goodies that one could ever hope to receive. From cute and quirky pin badges to lovely prints and stationery items, these boxes have it all. Bright and cheery, they are a dream to receive monthly in the mail. Don't believe me? Just have a look at the #luckydipclub hashtag on Instagram and you will squeal! Leona has a massive following and being such a creative lady has sparked a mass girl gang of creative minds and lovers of all things kitsch alike.

I am always excited to see the box waiting for me on the landing when I've just rolled out of bed (the mail gets here quite early for me)! This particular box was even more thrilling as it was the debut of the new printed boxes as shown above! I took a photo of it for my personal Instagram account (@mrsnadiabugler and it also appeared on the IG account of this blog (@this_is_myletter_2u). So, without further ado, here's a photo of all the contents of this particular box:

This box featured the 5th installment of the Girl Planet zine (new this year), a lovely flower card, cute seed packet, a "bloom where you are planted" patch, a super sunflower with two ways of affixing it (I used the brooch option), a cute cactus pin badge and a fabulous "Petal Power" canvas bag.

The sunflower seriously makes a really cool brooch and will brighten up any outfit or day for that matter!

It seemed rude not to photograph this pin badge with my very own mini cactus on the window sill!

A closer look at the details of that fabulous sunflower brooch...

That seed packet! It's just beautiful in its own right and I am certain the flowers that will come from those seeds will not only make the butterflies & bees happy but will no doubt be pleasing to the eye as well!

Just fabulous! I must get a jean jacket to add all the patches I suddenly now have to! And this bag is a perfect addition to my growing collection of printed canvas bags...go figure!

Fun colouring page on the back of the zine...

And lastly, You are blooming wonderful! Yes you are, each and every one of you! The zines are always a huge inspiration!

Leona and all those who work on all the Lucky Dip Club goodies are such talented people it's hard not to get excited each time a new theme is announced and a new box arrives!

Do you subscribe to Lucky Dip Club? Are there other subscriptions you think I should check out? The next Lucky Dip Club theme is "All the Fun of the Fair" and launches on 1st June at 7am! Set your alarm clocks and grab yourself a subscription or a one off box!


Nadia xo

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